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Our People

PbDCon personnel have supported clients on nearly every Tier 1 Department of Energy (DOE) Environmental Management (EM) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) procurement over the past two decades, including wins at the NNSA’s Kansas City National Security Campus, Nevada National Security Site, and Sandia National Laboratories.

As independent consultants, we recently provided full-scale proposal services for the Hanford Mission Essential Support Contract, as well as the first of the new compressed-schedule End State Contracting Model (ESCM) procurements, the Hanford Tank Closure Contract. Our core team includes individuals who worked for decades at Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) sites and four who are local to Oak Ridge. In addition to our core staff, we have access to a cadre of subject matter experts (SME), including retired DOE, NNSA, and industry executives for color teams, mock Source Evaluation Boards (SEB), and key personnel orientation and coaching.

During the past ten years, PbDCon managers have recruited team members that bring the best of the industry to all parts of the proposal process

Proposal Manager

Some proposal managers only see Volume II. Our entire staff, from Proposal Manager to the person putting the binders in the box, understands the importance of all volumes sending the same message to the ultimate client, and having that “golden thread” that weaves the win themes throughout.

Volume Managers

Our Volume Managers have real world experience, either on the vendor side, government side, or both, and bring that to the proposal center to give solid direction to the contents of each volume.

Section Authors

Our authors have editorial experience helping our clients deliver the message, many are subject matter experts who have a deep history in the industries we serve.

Past Performance

Our Past Performance Coordinators are more than just authors. They have vast experience helping identify projects, harvesting the information from the various partners, then weaving win themes and one voice throughout to make it a cohesive part of the proposal.


PbDCon’s resume writer has years of experience interviewing key personnel, writing their stories, working with them for correctness, and working with Volume Managers and Clients to deliver the strongest message in a small space.


PbDCon’s production staff has vast expertise in creating a proposal ecosystem that allows authors, volume mangers, proposal manager, editors, and subject matter experts to work in parallel to reach the finish line faster, with version control, backup, daily wall posts, back end formatting support, graphics creation, and flexible documents that allow global changes later in the process than other groups.