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Our Story

Process by Design Consultants, LLC (PbDCon) brings the full suite of proposal management services to develop and deliver compliant, compelling proposals that are responsive to the ultimate clients’ requirements and showcase the bidding team’s credentials for executing the contract.

Our user-friendly, Adobe-based tools implement parallel work processes for efficiency and product control: concurrent, uninterrupted drafting, copy editing, and management review; live desktop publishing and instant global formatting; automatic synchronization of cost model data and narrative; and complete version control with contingency backups. Concurrent access between authors and the proposal management team avoids iterative churning while maintaining configuration control. Our paperless graphics development process renders them electronically from author concept to finished product, maintaining all versions for potential reuse. PbDCon’s proprietary, integrated application of these software tools delivers early document maturity; flexibility that virtually eliminates the need for authors to be pens-down before review deadlines; immediate availability of review comments for authors’ use; scalability; and process efficiency.

Our execution approach is modular, supporting client capture strategies at each phase of the Government’s procurement activity. We deliver the right resources at the right time to support the bidding team and demobilize during any hiatus between modules to minimize costs.